What is Iron 6 in1?

As its name suggests, Iron 6 in1 is an unprecedented combination of 6 magnesium salts in a single caps, thus providing a multiple dose of bioavailable and highly dosed magnesium.

The application of the M.E.T process to the association of mineral salts improves your chances of assimilation!

Iron 6 in1 components

- 6 major sources of iron with high bioavailability and/or high concentration.

  Iron bisglycinate

  Iron pidolate

  Iron gluconate

  Iron citrate

  Iron pyrophosphate

  Iron lactate

- Incorporating vitamin B9 (folic acid)

- incorporating spirulina

Iron deficiency

Useless to say that iron deficiency is very common and associated with fatigue, pallor and disorders in skin appendages (brittle hair and nails). Iron deficiency affect the memory and learning abilities. There may be a variety of reasons for this deficiency. Insuffisant intake, poor absorption in the intestine, excessive loss and so on... Is should be noted that iron may have an oxidating action. Under any circumstances, iron supplements should only be taken when an objective deficiency has been confirmed by biological analysis.


Iron contributes to:

- the normal formation od red blood cells and haemoglobin

- the normal transport of oxygen in the body

- the reduction of the fatigue

- the normal metabolization of energy

- the normal function of the immune system

- normal cognitive function

Use of the product

It is recommended to take one caps of Iron 6 in1 during the breakfast and dinner with a litlle water. 2 caps provide 100% of the recommended daily dose.

- Reminder : vitamins and mineral salts must be consumed during meals!

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of young children.

- Our product does not replace a varied and balanced diet, and should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What else do I need to know ?

Iron 6 in1 has been declared compliant with the most recent legislation governing the manufacture and distribution of foods supplements.

Iron 6 in1 is part of Minerals Easy Transport range, which also includes Magnesium 6 in1 and Calcium 6 in1 products of a similar type.

Information published by ourselves is compliant with regulation, but does not constitute a prescription for the care or treatment of medical conditions.